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I have a 2011 V6 Challenger rallye and I believe it is stock back to the axle and then there are Flowmaster 40’s on it...the drone is too much for me and all the forums I’ve read are hit or miss about putting on a different system and possible getting the same results. This is my now daily driver so I’ve decided to go back to stock, but the problem is that I bought it like this and I don’t have the stock exhaust. So I have questions:

1) does anyone know where I can pick up a takeoff exhaust from someone who upgraded?
2) I’ve read that the exhaust on the rallye is actually an RT this true? If so, that may make it easier to fine one.
3) I’ve read that the exhausts may have changed through the years and are not compatible with other years, is this true?
Exhausts from its 1st model to ‘10, ‘11 to ‘14 and ‘15 up....

Any help would be appreciated...
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