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Note: I plan to keep this first post updated as best I can until RS creates his own more official 2012 information thread. (RS: just copy this as a starting point if it's easier--it's mostly from your posts anyways.)

Because questions keep popping up, here's a summary of what's been posted so far from reliable sources (mostly from RS, some from a few others) in other threads.

Minimal changes for the 2012 Challengers.
June 5, 2011 - 2012MY ordering opened
July 25, 2011 - scheduled date for 2012MY production start

remain the same:
- Pentastar 3.6L
- Hemi 5.7L
- Hemi 392

No transmission changes, except:
- paddle shifters available (as option?) on Rallye Super Sport Group, all R/T and SRT8 autos
The new 8-speed only goes into the Charger V6 and 300 V6 for 2012.

Exterior Colors (all models):
- Black clear coat (PX8) (aka "Gloss Black" and "Pitch Black", gloss, non-metallic)
- Blue Streak (PCL) (production beginning mid-october)
- Bright Silver metallic clear coat
- Bright White clear coat
- Header Orange clear coat (production beginning mid-august)
- Midnight Blue pearl coat
- Torred
- Tungsten metallic clear coat

Interior Colors (all models):
- Dark Slate Gray

Stripes (R/T and R/T Plus):
Hood-to-fender in:
- Black
- Red
- Silver

Stripes (R/T Classic):
Dual side stripes in:
- Black R/T
- Red R/T
- White R/T

Stripes (STR8):
Dual center stripes in:
- Black - standard
- Gray - option
- Silver - option
- stripe delete - option

Grille: Satin Chrome

Interior accents:
Base = Mini Carbon
R/T = Dodge Mesh
SRT = Real Carbon Fiber

Rear tail lights:
- remain the same for 2012MY, still not modernized LEDs like in the Charger

- RHR nav radio (730N) is replacing the outgoing RER (430N)
- 900-watt 18-speaker sound system - option on Rallye, R/T Plus, R/T Classic, and SRT8 (AMA - Premium Sound Group)
- no: back-up camera
- no: auto-up window feature
- no: 2012MY will get rear parking assist sensors (delayed due to product shortage)
- radios remains the same 6.5" display screen
- Uconnect - now standard on all models
- Ready Alert braking - standard on all models
- Rain Brake Support - standard on all models
- two Mode Active Damping Suspension - standard on SRT
- new SRT steering wheel - standard on SRT
- WPA 20x9 wheels - option on SRT
- heated steering wheel - on SRT

MrMopar said:
One thing that has not been mentioned are the changes being made in the vehicle electronic systems and associated control modules. Some have mentioned the new nav systems in the 2011 300 and charger. Those vehicles use the new FlexRay based "Powernet" communication system architecture. The new systems are up to 20 times faster than the old CAN based systems. This was needed for new active suspension, drive by wire steering, brake by wire, etc., changes taking place in the industry.

Not that these are coming right away, but the electronics had to be upgraded to allow for the planned vehicle improvements. These new systems are completely different, and incompatible with anything that could be used on a CAN based system. Even the ODBII plug wiring is different for the communication protocols. The SRT engineers stated that the new systems allow for more features but that hackability was going to be lost as the new systems feature enhanced encryption techniques to prevent intrusion, and it has been rumored they may change their base program language each time a vehicle is started.

The 2011 challenger will use a hybrid system with some components of the current CAN system, and communication gateways and protocols of the new systems. One shop was told it would be a year or more before any tuning was available on the 392, and by then it will be the entirely new system on the vehicles.

I suspect that it would be years if ever before there would be any tuning on these new systems. Watch what happens for the 2011 300 and charger as they already have the new systems. The 2010's may turn out to be the last year major mods are possible.

By the way, the paddle shifters were made possible because of the new Powernet system.

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If memory serves, the paddle shifters came about courtesy of the AMG Mercedes Benz, right? Its kind of funny that even though Chrysler & Mercedes Benz have been divorced for a number of years now the technological contributions keep on coming. Kind of seems like corporate automotive alimony, I guess but hey I don't have a problem with that at all.
Good prognosticating on your part. I can see the 8 speed automatic in the Challenger by 2013 or 2014 maybe even the aforementioned paddle shifters.
Could you possibly expand on the subject as to why 2010 maybe the last year major mods are possible, is it due to the rather extensive computer control systems present in the 2011 cars?

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Aside from the touchscreen and 8-speed, I doubt there will be many changes from now until 2014. The big news over the next couple years will be what happens after 2014 for the car itself. The fact that they didnt really spend much on branding the Challenger kinda worries me, but I am sure if Challenger doesnt live on, a 2-door RWD V8 coupe of some sort will.

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There is such a huge growing popularity with the Challenger that i find it quite hard to believe it wont be around in a couple of years, if that's the case then Mustangs and Camaros would also be a thing of the past. I believe Dodge will just go with the flow and update changes as required by law for emissions and such, pushing the envelope, to keep making a powerful yet economical vehicle for us!

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What better time then now, with the paint issues/shortages out of Japan, to go a new route and bring back sublime.


What about a rag top and sublime I think they will be here in 2012.

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Wow, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does that mean an eight speed transmission on all models (SE thru SRT) also?


Updated information: Paddle shifters will be available on ALL 2012 model year auto-trans Challengers :).

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5-speed W5A580 across the board. Still a chance they could intro the 8-speed as a late model year running change in the V6 models, but no confirmation of that one way or the other.
Any insight as to the factors at play determining on which models and when to switch over to the new 8-speed ZF?
- Is it cost?
- Production ramp-up/capacity?
- Strength/torque capacity re the bigger engines (only putting them in the V6s makes one suspect this)? (I know the ZF literature claims they can version it up to accepting 1000Nm of input torque (~700 ft-lbs), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's easy or cheap to manufacture them to that spec?)

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Well, it looks like I bought my Challenger just in time. It was the last Hemi Orange I could find within driving distance optioned the way I wanted. I personally think the Challenger will not make it past the 2014 model year, which is when it would be due for a redesign.
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