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2012 challenger sxt v6 3.6l exhaust opinions

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What’s goin on fellas, I’m bringing my 2012 challenger v6 3.6l to the shop tomorrow to have the resonators cut off and swap the mid mufflers with flowmaster super 40s. I know it’s no v8 but I definitely need something better than stock. After watching many videos and reading many posts this is what I’ve decided to go with, my only question is should I go with flowmaster super 40s or the regular 40s? I’m not sure which one would sound better and some videos it’s hard to tell the exact mods the person is using. Currently I have no Other mods this will be my first, I want it to have a nice idle rumble and a good sound when opening her up opposed to some of the more ricer sounds I’ve came across. My budget is low so this is my best option as of now and would Just like some feedback as to if there’s much of a difference between the two or could I really go with either one
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I can’t speak to the difference between those two models of muffler, but I can speak to the better configuration of replacement mufflers for the Dodge V6.

Instead of replacing the two stock mufflers with 2 new aftermarket si/so (single inlet/single outlet) mufflers, you should consider replacing them with one new aftermarket di/do (dual inlet/dual outlet) muffler.

A V6 engine‘s exhaust tone will be lower and deeper in some cases when the muffler has all 6 cylinders’ exhaust pulses coming into it and out of it.

If the muffler only has 3 cylinders’ exhaust pulses coming through, as it would in a dual si/so setup, the exhaust tone can be higher and unpleasant to the ear.

Here are some clips of my previous Challengers that had v6s and which I replaced the stock exhaust with a single di/do muffler on each:

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