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Had my car dyno'ed yesterday. This was with the 93 octane trinity tune installed and with a blend of local 90 octane premium fuel and VP100 for about 95 octane. This is my most common set up when I have a chance to race. I did this for a baseline before any other mods and out of curiosity. The pulls were done on a mustang dyno. The temp was low 60's in the room. 3 pulls were done in 3rd gear and all three very consistent. The car never made it past 5900 RPM before it would try to shift and the garage noted sometimes that just happens when on a dyno. I have posted the average of the three pulls in each category. The peak on all three pulls in both torque and HP were within 3 pounds and 2hp of each other. The mins on the 3rd pull were noticeably lower and the thought is heat soak. I tried posting the graph but the drag and drop feature is not working.

min (about 1800 rpm) peak (about 5900 RPM) avg (throughout the pull)
torque 320 410 389

HP 111 431 298
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