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2012 SRT8 Front Struts

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Need Help! The strut bearing is bad on both Bilstein struts. These are the active damping suspension. I purchased the Pro Kit springs from EIbach to install. I called the Dodge dealer to talk about the stock replacement, however the ones I have are discontinued. 5181554AE and 5181555AE are the part numbers of mine. They said they have been replaced with 5181554AI and 5181555AI and they want $850 per strut. So I searched for these new shocks and the web site says the newer ones don't fit my car.

I looked up the Eibach pro-damper shocks and struts. The web site says that they will not work on the SRT8. So I called and the rep said that they will work.

If this is the case then I'm stuck with using the Bistein B6 shocks and that they will only work with stock springs.

If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.
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I can speak to the use of the B6 struts with different springs. I have upgraded the suspension on every LX I’ve owned so far, replacing their stock shocks and struts with Bilstein B6s and their stock springs with either those from an SRT, one of the Eibach lowering models, or Mopar Stage 1s. (My 2011 Challenger even got SRT springs from a 2012 model.).

I have had no issues using the B6s with any of the lowering springs or the SRT springs. I’m currently running them with a set of Eibach Sportlines on my Charger, and I literally put them to the test today during a 41 minute drive to another town (beat my personal best time of 44 min!). That road is a two lane farm to market road with dips and corners that make the stock suspension weak in the knees. My Bilstein+Sportline suspension shrugged it of and asked, “is that all you got?”
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