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2013/14 Dash panel light problem

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Good day All
Please is their any body had problems with there Dash Panel lights , when you switch on the sidelight switch there`s
`Black out area`s on the fuel gauge , speedo, RPM, and temp gauge`s
I believe its the fault of the `EL Panel, I followed Speed`s Garage youtube cos I`m fitting Black Cat new Gauge dial`s
its a good video, we took it apart and behold the EL factory panel is nackered!!! is there anyone make replacement EL Panel
for the Challenger without the need to buy a complete instrument cluster costing over $500

any help would be very welcome, all STAY SAFE !!!

2013/14 Challenger SRT8n392
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Yes, not an uncommon problem. I saved this link, although what it would cost from the UK I cannot say

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