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2013 Challenger R/T Classic (SOLD!)


Price: $26,600

Location: Alexandria, VA

Contact me: [email protected]

I ordered this car late summer 2012 and drove it off the lot in fall 2012. I've been using it as a daily driver since then. Mileage is ~17,600. At least 95% of those miles are on the highway. It's never been tracked or abused. I use it for getting to work, not doing burnouts. All maintenance has been performed by the dealer where I bought the car. I wash the car myself regularly and have it professionally detailed inside and out every few months. I have receipts and records for everything that's been done.

I removed the factory badges and vinyl. I then added new stripes. The guy who details the car always comments on how perfect the stripes look every time he sees it.

I installed a Hypertech Interceptor (Interceptor - Hypertech). I think throttle lag may have been reduced a little bit, but it's hard to tell. It's definitely no worse than before. The thing can be removed easily if somebody doesn't like it.

I also installed a MyGig Lockpick and front-facing camera (MYGIG LOCKPICK). The camera is secured in the lower grill and is nearly invisible. The forward view is perfect. It's now very easy to park close to curbs without worrying about ripping off the chin spoiler. The Lockpick and camera can also be removed very easily if desired.

The windows have all been tinted by the highest-rated place I could find in the region.

The only other modification is a Billet Technology T-Handle Shifter (Billet T-Handle Shifter). Again, it's easily removed.

I have all original badges, the shifter handle, additional vinyl, etc.

I paid off the car last week. I'm just waiting for the bank to mail me the title. I should have it in hand in time for any sale.

As for factory options, I know I have the upgraded Harman Kardon audio and navigation. I need to look at my documents at home to confirm other options. I'll update this post tonight with that information.

Full disclosure: There are a few, almost-invisible, small paint chips on the hood from junk being thrown up by other cars on the road. There's also a ding on the driver's door from some jerk in a parking lot. I always try to park away from other cars but I guess there's no escaping inconsiderate people...


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