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My 2014 Challenger V6 has a puddle of anti-freeze under the middle of the car when I park. Looked under the hood for any signs of a leak and couldn't find any. Jacked the car up and got underneath and found anti-freeze dripping from the back of the transmission beside the rear pan bolts (both sides). I can't find the source of the water. I can see about half way back of the top of the transmission from the top, but it is dry and no sign of a leak there. I can't see above the transmission beyond this view. I checked the inside of the car, and can't find any sign of moisture inside the car. Heater core is still a suspect, but I can't see how to access it.
I lose about 1-2 quarts of coolant per day driving the 30 miles to-from work (started Friday).

Is the heater core the most likely cause or is there something else I should check first?
How do I access (and change if necessary) the heater core?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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