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2014 Front Air Dam - R/T vs SRT

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Does anyone know if an SRT front air dam will fit an R/T with no other additional parts or modifications? Here's the air dam I'm referencing:

Tire Vehicle Grille Wheel Car

These look a little "lippier", have pronounced brake air ducts, and have the integral vertical components on each side, vs the separate pieces left and right on the R/T spoiler.

My main concern is underneath. If I try to install one of these, will I run into other fitment issues with the R/T front underpan components?

The reason for all this is I'd like to replace my original front air dam, but the one for the R/T is over $400, and the SRT piece is around $150. For that money, I don't think they look all that different. But, I don't want to get into a cascade of purchases to make the "cheap" air dam fit, and end up spending more than just replacing with the correct piece.

Any experienced input is welcomed.


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