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2014 RT Stereo

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I just got my 2014 RT with the 130. I really want to upgrade it to one of the systems that has NAV and bluetooth. I dont reallg care for Sirius, but i would also like it to be able to add a backup camera as well. Anyone know if the best way to go about doing this?
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You can check ebay for mygig RHB and RHR touchscreens with nav. Also, OEM auto parts sells them. You also need to buy the nav antenna as well. Of course, you can buy new from a dealer, but that is very expensive.

To put a backup camera in our 2014 sxt, I put in a lockpik (link HERE). I had bought, off ebay, an RBZ non-nav mygig radio from someone who took it out of his 2010 srt 8, for our 2011 se, and switched it over to our 2014 sxt when we got it. The lockpik is a wire harness that allows you to plug and play several cameras into your touchscreen mygig.

You will also have to buy a camera. There is several threads on this forum about using a lockpik, which camera to buy and how to install them.

Good luck!
I just ebayed some that unit, and the cheapest one is 800 dollars, man that is one upgrade. For half that price I can get an aftermarket double din which is way better. Should I just go aftermarket with the stereo?
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