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2014 upgrade to 2015

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I just got the 2014 SXT challenger, and after looking at the 2015 model and looking at all the pics, i feel like I should have waited. I am thinking about trading it in maybe around February and getting the 2015 RT model. What do you guys think, would this be a good move or should I wait?
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My guess is to get another SXT with similar options any dealer is going to try to get 10k out of you in a first year trade. If you trade a lot and I do, you have to realize that unless gas prices change significantly you are going to retain considerably more resale value with the Hemi (any of them). If you are bound and determined to trade up wait until some serious inventory is on the ground (Late October 2014 or late November 2014 at the earliest) and come in ready to buy very close to the last day of the month and stand your ground at a reasonable figure which will be north of 5k. If you can afford it. It's up to you. The limitations of my comments in this post will be this: How hot will the new Challenger sell? It could be early in 2015 before dealer sales slow enough on the SXT and R/T to allow you to get a half way decent deal. Location and think month end or month middle (dealer fast start bonus). These are the always the best time to make the attempt to buy.
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