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2015-2018 Challenger Hellcat SRT Painted Engine Fuel Rail Covers - $399.99
Get your custom painted Dodge Challenger HELLCAT Fuel Rail Covers. We custom paint these HELLCAT fuel rail covers to your specifications. If you are looking for a great way to add some "pop" under the hood of your Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT then these fuel rail covers are a great place to start.
We offer these fuel rail covers in any Challenger body color or hydro carbon fiber. Hydro carbon fiber is a simulated carbon fiber, it looks real and gets a clear coat finish, just like our painted parts.
Please select your color above. All of our HELLCAT painted pieces come in a Smoothie finish. Glass like smooth.
We custom paint these Challenger HELLCAT parts to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks from order date to ship date as we get more in stock, in raw form.


  • 2015 Challenger Hellcat SRT
  • 2016 Challenger Hellcat SRT
  • 2017 Challenger Hellcat SRT
  • 2018 Challenger Hellcat SRT



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