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I noticed it was kinda slow with DIY stuff for the 2015 as of now so I thought I'd add a tutorial for the trunk port to allow more bass from the trunk(where the Harmon/Kardon subs are located) into the cabin..

Please Note: Cutting and hacking an SRT will most certainly lower the value and should be done with caution, and at your own risk!!

Time: About 1 Hour

Results: A little more bass, and a stealthy look. This Mod also allows for closing the rear armrest to quiet the cabin on the highway. It's likely been done before on older models, and my technique probably works on 2013,14,15 models, but check your car and read every step prior to starting, to be sure..

Here are the final pics:

Ok Here We Go!!

Step One:
Gather your tools.
Here is what I used. I strongly recommend using the Multi max or equivalent because of the tight spaces. It worked out well for me.

Step Two:
Move Slowly. This step is important. sharp things and leather don't mix. If you are in a hurry, wait until you have about an hour. Take lots of breaks. Please!

Step Three:
Fold down the rear seat armrest and peel the velcro back as pictured. Only two sides have velcro. Be careful not to strain the other sides during the operation.

Step Four:
Using the straight edge, mark out a square on the cardboard backing. Mine was roughly 1/3 the total cardboard size and located in the center of the top half..try to align the marks with the plastic nearby where the port will be.

Lightly start a cut with the box cutter for each line on the cardboard stencil you just made. DO NOT cut through to the other side. the material on the other side of the cardboard is a light pink foam that easily cuts with a box cutter. The goal here(Stealth) is to gain a finger hole that allows you to put some space between the pink foam and the cardboard. They are not glued together, so once you have a finger hole,you can proceed to finish the cardboard cuts.

If you take your time, you will probably end up with a pile of cardboard like this.

Take your time, and the results will be worth it..

Step Five:
Make stencil marks on the plastic in a shape of your choosing. I prefer "square-ish" to allow for an easier time doing the second part later. Cut out the ABS.

This plastic is about 5mm thick and made of abs. Two layers of plastic exist between the trunk space and the cabin.

This is a picture of how I held the pink foam while cutting the plastic. Because the multi max is fairly safe on skin, you can get pretty close to you, whilst avoiding damage to the pink foam.

Use the box cutter to clean the edges of the rough hole, as best you can.

Step Six:
At this point fold the seat forward and unzip the zipper on the edge of the seat back. When folding the seat, make sure no tools are under it, or in the sharps on the leather....bro!!

Pull the "trunk cloth" to the side and away from the area the port is going to be located. Using the first hole in the ABS as a guide from the front, push the multimax through the back ABS enough to show the guidelines on the back. Be careful not to cut the "trunkcloth". It should look something like this.

Lay the seat down, and sit on top of it. Using the straightedge, finish the lines, like this.

Finish the cuts, with the Multi max. Do not go deeper than necessary on the back cut, because the pink foam is on the other side, about three inches away..look at this pic

Step Seven:

Use the Box Cutter to clean up the edges. Clean out shavings with a vacuum. Re-zip and seal the velcro..
The final cuts are slightly gnarly, for my taste, but the stealth nature hides all of the cuts from anyone you don't want to know about them.

The Mod is complete. Enjoy more bass from your Harmon/Kardon Subs.

After-The-Mod Thoughts:
If I didn't care about looks, I would probably go for a port with no cloth in the way. The bass response is slowed down a bit versus a free air port. But, I think the stealth look is nice where possible.

Thanks for reading!!


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I did this on my 2014 Dodge Challenger but I cut two circular holes and inserted round bass ports in the holes.Looked good and bass improved alot.A great added benefit was whenever I went to home depot and bought something long like moulding,etc I could pass it through the ports into the passenger compartment so I could close the trunk.I just traded the car in.It is a 2014 PCP RT Classic so whoever got it it was my old car.I got a 2015 Sublime RT Classic.I do miss the bass port pass through and may have to do it again.I removed the rear seatback to do mine.Might I suggest you find a nice grill or trim piece that fits your opening and cut it all the way through.
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