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Hey guys, so I’ll cut to the chase, my 2015 challenger RT shaker has been misfiring lately. After reading the codes, it was telling me I had a bad fuel/air mixture. so I changed all the spark plugs, all the Ignition coils, and the MAP sensor and I put some fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank just to be safe. but it still continues to misfire just a less now than before. I don’t know if the fuel filter is in the tank or in line? My fuel pump seems to be working fine as well so I didn’t know what to do right now. Does anybody have an idea of what is happening or going on that I could have missed?? Thanks in advance!

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Fuel/air mixture related codes suggests an intake air leak. Some models experience manifold bolts loosening up over time.

There can be a PCM issue. Read through to see if your vehicle might be one of the affected vehicles.

TSB 18-046-15

Flash: 5.7L Diagnostic And System Improvements

This bulletin involves reprogramming of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with the latest software.

2015 (LA) Dodge Challenger
2015 (LD) Dodge Charger
2015 (LX) Chrysler 300

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before April 29, 2015 (MDH 0429XX) equipped with the 5.7L engine (Sales Codes EZC and EZH).

A small number of customers may experience a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illumination. Upon further investigation the technician may find one or more of the following Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
• P219A - Bank 1 Air-Fuel Ratio Imbalance
• P219B - Bank 2 Air-Fuel Ratio Imbalance
• P0307 - Cylinder 7 Misfire
• P2096 - Downstream Fuel Trim System 1 Lean
• P2097 - Downstream Fuel Trim System 1 Rich

Additional Symptoms:
• Engine buck or delay feeling during low speed driving.
• Less than desired engine performance during Multiple Displacement System (MDS) mode transitions.

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many modern vehicles don't have a fuel filter, instead there's a woven "sock" that is on the fuel pickup tube to filter out debris

some of the items to investigate:
- retighten intake manifold bolts (could be air / vacuum leak)
with a Shaker, you'll like have to remove the base plate and perhaps the bracket to access all 10 intake bolts
  • check PCV lines to make sure no lines or elbow connections are bad
  • check torque of throttle body to intake
  • catch can? your hoses could be collapsed or leaking

the last step might be checking compression ratio - if you have a lifter that has worn down a cam lobe, that can throw things off as well
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