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2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Red Guts 21k Miles, dodge certified pre owned

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I was looking at purchasing this vehicle and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on buying an 8 year old car. It says there are 0 problems and the car is a certified pre owned. It is a dodge challenger R/T and just wanna see people’s opinions. No accidents, 23 service records.
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I purchased my 2016 R/T as a used 5 yr old with just under 24K miles two years ago from a major Toyota dealer just south of Atlanta. Zero issues since, save for a starter that went kaput and a couple of tire replacements due to the nail too close to the sidewall to repair. The car is approaching 50K and she's been a dream to drive.

In my case, all but the last year were spent on lease with the original owner. I did my due diligence since mufflers and resonators had been removed and a JLT CAI installed by the second owner; I'm owner number three and service records along with Car Fax were excellent.

With the low mileage, if I were to do it all over again, I would skip the extended warranties and save some $$$. But that's just me.

Best to you!
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