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Hi folks,

I wasn't sure whether to post this in the general Bolt-Ons forum or in R/T specific. I know this is a pretty common mod, though the information available on the forum is a bit incomplete, I think. Anyway, the purpose of this thread isn't to provide a how-to or walkthrough, but more to serve as a public services announcement for the chin spoiler swap.

See, I like to try to do things myself. My last car, a Lexus IS300, I did a lot of mods on my own, and after reading the available info on the forum about this swap and looking at some videos on YouTube I figured this was something I could do. You're probably like that, too, if you're reading this.

Here's the short version: I successfully swapped out the stock R/T chin spoiler with the 392 version, but it was an unholy nightmare. Here are a few caveats and tips for other people who might want to undertake this "simple" modification.

1. I don't care what anyone else says in any other post on this subject, you have to a) remove the wheels, b) remove the belly pan, and c) remove the bumper cover. You can try to skip any of these steps but you'll easily spend the amount of time and effort you "saved" trying to work around the obstacles.

2. Regarding removal of the bumper cover, let me be very clear. I know it seems like way overkill to do this, but the reality is that in order to remove the chin spoiler with the bumper cover ON, you have already done 95% of the work. Someone else said in another post that removing the bumper cover was the easiest part and that is absolutely correct. Just do it.

3. Get a body pin removal tool. The convenience is worth it.

4. OK, here's the meat of it. To get the chin spoiler off, you have to remove the lower grille. Hang on, though. I don't mean just the grille-looking part--that's the easy part. I mean the grille surround. The chin spoiler is sandwiched between the bumper cover and the grille surround. This is THE HARDEST PART OF THE PROJECT BY FAR. And to make matters worse, if you've undertaken the project on your own, it's the last step before putting the new chin spoiler on and every step up to this point has been much easier. You will have scraped some knuckles and uttered some swear words but you'll be saying to yourself "CD Nickels was wrong. This isn't that bad!" Well, that's about to change. It is REALLY HARD to get the grille surround off. I thought I was going to snap the bottom of my bumper cover in half, destroy the paint, and still not be able to get it off. My only tip here (provided you've already followed my other tips and have taken the bumper cover off) is to start with the top of the grille surround, which is easier and then methodically work from one of the sides. It requires force. It does. So you have to be careful.

5. The Speedy's Garage video you found about this swap is basically totally inapplicable to the 2015 R/T except for the part where he tells you the bolt head sizes, advises you to use jack stands, and shows you the plastic rivet tool. A more helpful video is this:

So, that's it. Think carefully before you give this a shot, bearing in mind again that the hardest part is the last thing you have to do before you can remove the old chin spoiler. Sorry I don't have pictures. Again, this is more of a PSA than a how-to and I was practically in tears anyway and in no state to take pictures. I am happy to answer any questions on this swap for as long as I am active on this forum. I will not tell anyone to go search.

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