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I'm on the fence of either a nicely loaded SP 392 Shaker or an SRT 392.
Priced out the SP is ~3-4k cheaper depending on the shaker option cost. Add the SP appearance option and it's even closer. The SRT has a nicer stereo, bigger brakes, different suspension options, wider tires(pirellis vs Goodyear).

Are those things worth the price difference? That's where I'm at.

Yeah me too. I was all set on a fully loaded shaker, I like the old school look of the shaker better. But, I think you will get better content and performance in a SRT....I'm really starting to lean toward a SRT, then adding a shaker setup to it. The suspension,wheels and brakes are a big draw to me and would be much more difficult and expensive to upgrade later.
1 - 4 of 256 Posts
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