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Currently on my 2015 SXT I have just a simple straight pipe resonator delete with 2.5 inch piping.

Now before anyone else says anything, I know my v6 will never sound like a v8. Currently, the resonator delete sounds pretty decent, but at times I feel like it could be a little better. I have always had v6 cars (not the reason why I got this SXT), but I have heard some good full exhaust setups such as someone who had a full Borla S Type catback system.

However, I was wondering if all the extra stuff was necessary. Lots of full systems being sold are just the normal piping, with the resonators deleted, and custom mid mufflers.

Has anyone else come across just certain parts within these full systems being sold?

I am looking at the universal Borla S-Type mufflers that I could just replace with the stock ones, however, I don't want them to be a waste of money. Will probably be buying through Amazon Prime, so hopefully I can return it after that.

Any other recommended mufflers I should go for if I plan on changing the mid mufflers?
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