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Purchased a 2015 R/T that the prior owner upgraded the 5.0 system to the 8.4AN. It all works beautifully but the sound quality of the system is not up to par for my tastes.

I plan to upgrade the speaker with Infinity Reference (just ordered them from Crutchfield - 50% off sale going for Black Friday....)

I'm highly confused on amps that came with these cars stock - especially if it had the 5.0 system in it. I have 6 speakers, 2 in the dash, 2 in the doors, and 2 in the rear deck.

My question is - if I'm reading correctly, there was no amplifier included with the original 5.0 system but the 8.4 system, had it been factory installed, would have come with an amplifier. I'm wondering if that's resulting in the quality of the sound I'm hearing? Is it a simple plug and play to add the factory amp? I think it's part number 68267299AB.

I realize I could buy probably a better amp cheaper, but if it's easier to just drop this in, I'd do it.
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