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2016 backup camera malfunction

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Back I. 2018 I took my 2016 Challenger in due to the green screen, squiggly view (similair to tuning an old television), blank screen at times when my vehicle was in reverse. The dealership could not find anything wrong so they said they replaced the camera and it was working after that. About a few months later and started the issues all over again and by this time my warranty was up. To this day it continues to work when it wants, I did how ever try something new from what I saw on others who had this problem by putting the grease on the connections like the old light bulbs, it worked for a bit and is back to it's old games. Does anyone know if Dodge has put a recall on this camera to have it replaced or is it a lost cause?
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I have a 2016 Challenger Hellcat with the same problems. Driven over 131,000 miles, and will continue to love it for many miles to come.
131,000 miles on a Hellcat is crazy. You must be loving life with it. I'm so envious. I can't help you with your problem, but I just wanted to acknowledge the amount of fun you must be having.
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