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I just bought new 245/45R20 Winter Tires for my RT last year and dont want to waste them (Stationed in Germany, need them).

That said now I have a choice since I want to swap out the Wheels for a possibility of doing a wide body build (still deliberating this).

My wheel choices are:
FR 73 Staggered: 20x10.5 rear, 20x9.5 up front. +12 Offset upfront, +22 Offset on the rear
-Would definitely need around 25mm spacers if I go widebody
-Wouldnt need spacers if I keep it stock
-Would only need to buy 6 tires (2x winter, 4x all seasons)

FR 74 Square: 20x10.5 all around, -9 Offset.
-Wouldnt need to buy Spacers if I decide on the widebody
-Might need spacers for the front even if I decide to keep it narrow
-Would need to buy 8 tires (4 winters, 4 all seasons)

If I have to choose between these, which is better longevity wise? I heard crazy spacers and offsets can mess up your wheel bearings.
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