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BASE system, only XM option.

OK - I'll try to be logical along the way....

Typically an elderly, vocal, comedy listener - need details in voice range.
Anything else would be classic rock, loud and singing along!.

Planning upgrades.
Got two 62ix for rear deck, so far no sub plans.
Also have 62ix for doors.

1 Will need mounting adapters - have shop and skills.

2 Anyone have a RA2 specs and pinout? I'm debating planning for a next level, if necessary.
(Based on experience, if there is 25 watts all the way around, I will not plan an amp.)

3 Any one know if the Bi-amp division is in the head unit, and before or after the internal amp? (My best guess is I have an internal amp?) (Do I have access to 6 line level outs, 4 line level outs, or only 6 post-division speaker level outs?)

4 Any one know the frequency of division?

5 Do the factory 'tweeters' just have a single cone or other device? (Or is there a true tweeter added to midrange driver?)

6 The 62ix system sounds great in tests, I'm debating literally cutting the tweeter off and locating to the dash IF the full frequency in the door will never be used AND the cut off for high division won't be to low for the removed tweeters. (If, say 200 down goes to doors and 200 up goes to dash, that would be too low, and much would be 'missed' on the mids by not having a midrange 'woofer'. IF the division was say 1K I would give it a try without mids and tweak to suit.)

THX any and all!
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