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2018 6.4 hellion twin turbo set up.

2004 6
Who has installed this set up on their 18’ 6’.4? How was the install? I don’t know to much about the turbo world but have the shaker sys. & want to keep it. I like the top end power a turbo puts out inatead of the low end power & stress of the supercharger on the engine. I’m looking to get around 600 HP out of it. Which set up did you go with “Turbos” they offer about a dozen!
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The TT Hellion kit will get you to 600hp with their 5psi spring and obviously keep your Shaker. The temptation of switching springs for more boost would be very tough to ignore and smoke your engine.

You could also go with the Magnuson from Steve White that will keep your Shaker with their optional bracket. For a centrifigul choice you could go with either the Procharger or even the new kit from Vortech which will get you to where you want.

I know how I am and I know that I won't want to spend a ton of money and only use 5 or 6psi so If I do decide to go with boost I think I would want to get a forged short block so you can use the boost that the kits are capable of.

Either way let us know it seems like a ton of people boost their 6.4's but we don't get a ton of long term results while keeping the motor stock. Just about everyone ends up putting a forged short block in there which goes back to my opinion that it would be tough to spend that much money and leaving the psi so low.
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