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This brand new Hellcat widebody came to me with just 44 miles on the odometer. The dealer washed it and "detailed" it for the owner. Unfortunately they made a mess of the car. Swirl marks, buffer trails, holograms, scratches, compound splatter, greasy tire dressing flung everywhere. Start to finish this vehicle was about 70 hours in cleaning, paint correction, and ceramic coating and curing. Thankfully after all that work the car looked amazing and all the paintwork is protected for the next few years with CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating. The wheels and calipers were also coated in multiple coats of CQuartz Finest Reserve. And all exterior plastics were coated in CQuartz Dlux coating to give a great look and protection for a very long time.

Getting started with putting the Hellcat up in the air and pulling off the wheels

Compound splatter from really sloppy polishing work at the dealership

The result of the sloppy polishing work.....horrific buffer trails and swirls all over the car

Haze from some DA sanding that also left its mark and was never correctly polished out

Fast forward a couple days and the wheels are done, calipers are done, wheel wells are no longer dripping in greasy tire dressing, and the paint correction process is nearing completion

How black paint should look

Engine bay tidied up and all compound splatter from dealership removed

All done! Final photos before owner takes it home

Thanks for checking it out!

Feel free to ask any questions. And if you'd like to get your car done, contact me and we can set an appointment!

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Looks absolutely spectacular - I'm dying with envy!!! :)
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