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2018 muffler

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I have a 2018 R/T with resonator delete and of course it has active exhaust. I'm just looking for louder mufflers. The resonators are deleted. I'm not looking for headers or straight pipes. I had a 2015 R/T that I installed longtube headers with pypes violator mufflers it was great. I'm just looking for something better than what I have which is stock. I dont care about drone at all and I'm not going a cutback. I do not want to do a active exhaust bypass. I have looked on u tube already so hopefully no smart ass responses. Thank you for your help
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2015 RT 5.7 M6
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I don't get it, the 2018 factory exhaust compared to earlier year RTs sounds great right out of the box? If you want more volume then keep the active exhaust flaps open or remove them as they control the volume of the system. I mean you already removed the resos so why stop there?

I have played with the exhaust system on my 15 trying to get it to sound more muscle and loud...what I have learned is 1) removing the mid mufflers but leaving the resos on gets you more volume without drone, 2) long tube headers will give it more muscle sound and 3) installing a bigger cam (i.e. higher lift and more duration) will make it sound more muscle and louder at idle and above.

I think my biggest gripe with the RT is how it sounds at idle and to be honest the only way to fix that is with a cam. I installed a 6.2 because I am running a SC and on first start up I noticed how the 5.7 sounded more like a 6.2/6.4.
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