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Hello, today I installed the Mopar headlamp duct tube (77072385) on my Mopar cold air intake kit (77070044AD), on my 2019 5.7 R/T (spoiler alert: I cut it).
I became aware of variations of air boxes, variations of duct tubes, and with them, variations of fitment issues, thanks to these forums, after I installed the Mopar CAI ~ a week ago. Despite that, I didn't grasp that the ~2019 MY headlights were changed, and a corresponding new Mopar duct was never realized, I guess?
So, failing to grasp that, I got a Mopar duct, because I wanted the ram air, and the product page, said it fits '15 to '21 MY, the 5.7 and 6.4, specifically. To my understanding, it doesn't fit the T/A or Shaker boxes from the get-go, but other than that, I thought it would fit.
While my lurking and Googling wasn't entirely comprehensive, pretty much everything I found about fitment issues was related to the Shaker, so I wanted to post my experience with the Mopar duct tube, on the off chance that some future ~2019 non-Shaker Challenger owner wants to use the Mopar duct tube, and is looking for some help.
This thread was a good help, but mentions a new piece that has a round hole? And attaches to a factory air box? My factory air box didn't have a hole on the front side, so I don't know:
2019 Challenger Scat Pack CAI Headlight Duct Tube Fitment
This thread was also some help on the 2019 caps:
Sorry, the hyperlinking is not cooperating with me.
So I have the 5.7, the Mopar CAI, and the "driver convenience group", which equips the Rhombi aircatchers. I'm unaware if that changes anything on the backside of the lights, versus, say, the Shaker or T/A.
I'm also unaware as to the changes that took place in whatever model year it is, that affected the backs of these lights and rendered the existing Mopar duct tube too short. My instructions are a little yellowed and have a copyright date of 2016 at the bottom lol, so basically from step 1, removing the caps (previously 3 tabs you push out of place, currently 2 T9 torx screws securing it), I was off script and scrambling through the above threads, and seeing all the stuff I missed the first time about how the Mopar tube didn't fit 2019s.
So after removing those 2 screws with a T9 torx bit in a 1/4 inch socket wrench and twisting off the cap clockwise, I confirmed my fears by finagling the duct in there, and seeing in person how kind of mashed in there it was.
Dad suggested putting the square mounting side/flange on the inside of the air box, squeezing the round headlight end of the duct through the square hole, hoping to save an inch or two. The square flange fits in there with the air cleaner with a little clearance between them, but it looked a little ghetto, as you can imagine, and more importantly, it didn't fit.
So if you're thinking of doing that, 5.7 Mopar CAI owner from the future, don't bother.
Resigned to trimming off some length from the round headlight end, I first cut just the flat lip, and it fit after that, but it was a squeeze and put a little too much pressure on the air box for my liking, so I cut the first ring or baffle or whatever you'd call it, off as well. It fit pretty good after that, and I considered cutting off a second ring, the middle one, but I was worried it might be a little loose after that, so I erred on the snug side.
One of those threads had a poster say he cut off more on one side of the duct and less on the other side, I just cut it straight and I was pleased, stuck my hand in the duct, it felt smooth and flowy, not kinked or anything.
Used a silver marker to mark my drilling points on the box.
The instructions say to use a 1/4" drill bit, but somebody in one of those threads, said that was a little loose and recommended a smaller size. First we used a 3/16", and tested one of the included push pin things, and it didn't want to go in, so we went up to a 7/32" drill bit, tried the pin again, and while it took a little too much effort to get them in there, they're certainly never going to be loose lol.
Put it all back together and it's all good.
Now I'm looking at a grill for the duct, either Scalia or Merrick, leaning towards Scalia (haven't seen anything about fitment issues on a 2019, I imagine the diameter hasn't changed from MY to MY).
So to sum it up, 2019 5.7 with a Mopar cold air intake, the Mopar duct tube designed for the cold air intake will fit like it's designed to, if you trim about an inch off the headlight end.
To my knowledge, none of this is new information, but I hope it's clear and condensed, and will help avoid some headache for a future Challenger owner that has poor reading comprehension like me lol.
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