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2021 Challenger SXT RWD single piston calipers change to double or 4 piston

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What's up community, got couple questions regarding calipers. I have single piston calipers came with 18in. wheels front rotors are 13.6 in. / 345 mm and the rears are 12.6 / 320. Car has a square setup with 20 x 10.5 Rohanas on it now. My question is how much bigger do I need to go up in rotor size to change the calipers? More than likely go with 2 pistion calipers, and drilled rotors. Just asking if its doable without too much hassle.
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The SXT single piston brake system (18" wheels) front rotors are only 12.6". If you got 20" wheels then you got the R/T brakes which were dual piston with 13.6" front rotors.

The rear rotors were both 12.6", solid with 18's and vented with 20's.

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@Slidd put after market 20s on. It will accommodate larger rotors correct? I either want to put dual piston or four piston calipers on. I just want to know if it will be an issue. I've read in other threads RT calipers are interchangeable with the SXT without issues. I had to put spacers (7mm) on the 20s rubbed a little on arm.
The SXT Plus comes with 20" and it has the "R/T brakes". They will fit with 20" wheels

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