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where was this located? LOVE THE PIC! Awesome, Thinking it looks like Maryland where we’ve seen that style of Boat before, Good Luck Nubs!!!!

Quick Question, I noticed You’re a Previous “ROTM Winner” also, I keep seeing people saying last month that they were posting “even though they “knew /know” (for whatever reason) they aren’t eligible” ….Are We Allowed to Participate if we’ve won before? I’m still not 100% certain of all the finer details, Last month was Such a Happy occasion to get my car and pull in the win, Im cheering everyone on this month as always, But didn’t know if we’re still allowed to participate if we’ve won before and I figured I’d ask you because I see you’ve won before and are still participating?

thanks Nubs

Thanks Dan. Yes, this is in MD, like my previous trees pics are.

Regarding the rules, I believe previous month winners are not eligible to win consecutive months. I just like getting sexy shots of my car & sharing them.
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