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This setup offers big weight savings and top quality. No ordering and waiting, you can buy these now.

I know these fit at the very least on Scat Packs and 392 SRTs, and I believe Hellcats.

I ordered these for my new Scat Pack but ended up with this set, with tires, sensors and also another set of wheels and want to sell one or the other.

These have been on my car for only about 1800 miles. I am not aware of any flaws.

This setup offers:
- rotary forged strength and quality
- weight savings over stock Scat pack of 8 lbs per corner -see pictures taken today with stock for comparison
- 275-40-20 tire with wider footprint and identical diameter tire to stock 245-45-20, for all 4
- Gloss gunmetal finish on the wheels

Wheels are in +20 offset which is just right. The centerbore is exactly stock size- so 'hubcentric' like stock wheels, no hubcentric rings required.

I selected the Continental DW summer tire for its super high ratings/traction and also it being one of the lightest summer tires. The new Nitto G2, as a comparision is at least 3 pounds heavier per tire.

My careful measurements (that's a bathroom scale but I've carefully checked it and have found it to be super accurate) show within a few tenths of a pound of 8lbs savings per corner. I call the stock Goodyear 245 RSA2s and wheels 61.8 and the MRR/Continental combo 53.9. The included black splined lugs save about 1lb for the car too.

Yes, these are not cheap. But that weight savings is exactly the best kind of weight savings-rotating, unsprung weight. Even while going to one of the best sticky street tires in a 275.

Located in Mahwah, NJ (NW of NYC), offering only local pickup, at least to start



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