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I have owned my 2011 Challenger RT classic 6 speed for about 10 days. I have put almost 500 miles on the car and one issue is really bugging me. NOTE:This is NOT skip shift ( unless it somehow is defective and partially engaging). The shift into 2nd gear is not smooth, almost like a synchro issue. It does not do it every time, but about 1 out of 5 when shifting into 2nd gear I feel a resistance to go into gear, most times it requires a extra attempt like things are not lined up just right and then it goes in - I have had old cars in the past feel this way going into 1st. Occasionally, it pops out of second or grinds as I am releasing the clutch expecting it to be fully engaged in 2nd gear. I normally shift about 2000 RPMs, way to soon for skip shift to rear its ugly head. In fact I have never encountered skip shift, but I don't stay in 1st to 19-21 MPH - I'm either already in 2nd, or Im leaving it in 1st longer to have a bit more fun.

If the car is at a dead stop, and I push in the clutch and move through the gears, I can get it to have that clunky feeling moving into second about 1 out of 5. Most other times its smooth as silk like all the other gears.

I hate to bring a brand new car in for something like this, so I thought I would ask and see if I am the only one encountering this issue. Perhaps it gets better with more miles on it. Could it be a defective skip shift trying to make me go in 4th but not completely? Perhaps even a TSB?

I didn't notice it on the test drive, and it doesn't seem to matter if the manual fluid is cold or warmed up.
Many 6speed owners have noticed a notchy 1st to 2nd gear shift during cold starts, but goes away after the transmission is warmed up, but sounds like it doesn't matter if its cold or warmed up in your case. If your popping out of gear while driving... something is clearly wrong. I would take that in immediately to get looked at. It wouldn't be a defective skip shift b/c that is dealing with the cars computer and it locks the gear out completely even if you muscled it into 2nd with the 1-4 activated you would seriously do some damage to the synchros.
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