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3/11/11 results

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So i didnt feel like putting the drag radials on tonight and decided to try to get a PB without the nitto's and even without the predator installed. Goal was anything with a 12 sec...... Epic Fail!! best on the stock 20in wheels and tires was a [email protected]
Did three runs the exact same and decided to try the predator back on and im very pissed off best run was a 13.004 @107.1 and the only other run with the tuner was 13.049 just no luck today:fight:
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I wouldn't be all that upset, these cars really need drag radials to hook up, 6 speeds in particular due to the need to really shift quick to get good times.

Those are good runs for stock tune/predator tune and street tires.
How did you run 12.7's on street tires
Never did... I've run drag radials at the track since May of last year.
There ya go since i always go to the track by myself i just make a goal. We need to have E.T faceoff go out with street tires next time!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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