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3.92 Gears Help

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Does any one know if you can order 3.92 gears in a 5.7 2015 challenger R/T + Classic package, 6 speed Manual 20" tires was at my dealers yesterday he could not fine a way to order it he said it only come with a 3.06 and that I needed to order a Scat Pac to get 3.92 . In the pass if you ordered 5.7 with 20" tires and a manual you got a 3.92.
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There is a new 230mm rear axle for 2015 and all manual transmission Challengers except Hellcat will use a 3.90 ratio; Hellcat manual will use a 3.70. All V8 Challengers will also come with 20's so no more 3.73 with 18's, you will get the 3.90 on your car.
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