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3" Zoomers Installed on R/T

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First off, let me say that this was a difficult install. This catback fought me the way. I had to beat the pipes into place with a wood block and a 3lb mini sledge to make it fit. I have front and rear race ramps and blocks, so the car is completely off the ground 10". It would been impossible otherwise. I also installed the Kooks Srt8 mid pipes as well. Once it finally gave up, it lines up good. The tip placement is very good and they were easy to position. MUCH better than the Borla ATAK. I went with the Zoomers tips and their is still some flutter while standing behind the car. It has to be the air velocity, because the amount of air coming out of the tips is unreal. Like a leaf blower almost at idle. I can't hear any flutter in the car while at idle. The sound is extremely deep and well controlled, much better than the Borla ATAK. The ATAK is not a good exhaust with long tubes. The exhaust has great sound and I'm very pleased. The Zoomers does have major interior noise, just like the ATAK. The resonators do help above 2,000 rpm's. Pics later
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