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392 (6.4L) Corsa XTREME Catback Exhaust Available (Automatic)

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Corsa has released their XTREME catback exhaust for the 392 (6.4L) Challenger AUTOMATIC ... here are some pics ...

We also have all the specs on our site, as well as ordering information: Corsa Xtreme Catback Exhaust 11 Challenger 6.4L SRT8 392 Automatic

Feel free to call us toll free 888-SPD-LOGX for more details as well.
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Ordered today

Many thanks Speedlogix

Ordered full kit today from my Local Speed shop, his distribitor in Toronto
already had a set coming in for stock so I guess I am getting the first set....

Are they shiipping these kits yet ??

Will ket you know how I like em...

Thanks again


Thanks we look forward to helping you out! Thanks for the support

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If you are looking to add some sound and performance, but not drone to your 392 corsa is the answer, these systems are shipping daily @ Speedlogix
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