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Looking to hear from those who've gone the cam swap route on their 392.

How did it affect your everyday drivability (with an A8 trans)? Did fuel mileage suffer badly? (My car is a daily driver)

Who does the best tuning for cammed 392's and how much does it cost for a proper dyno tune?

What other supporting mods did you do (was it just full bolt-ons or ported heads as well? Did you also do MDS delete and new pushrods, lifters, and springs?)

How did affect the performance of the car throughout the RPM band?

Is it possible to get a cam profile that increases peak power and torque while also improving the mid-range torque curve without sacrificing low end power?

What's the approx. labor cost? I'd like to do the install myself but I don't have the expertise yet.

Thanks in advance!
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