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392 vs Mustang 5.0 video

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Just stumbled upon this highway pull video on Youtube.

Not sure I totally buy the "stock" label for the mustang considering at minimum the wheels/tires are clearly aftermarket with wider than stock rubber. Plus the Mustang had the inside lane...

What do you guys think?

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The dood complaining about the weight of the Challenger is cracking me up. What did you expect in such a large comfortable car? Sat in a Mustang lately?
^^ Yeah, that right there. My brother has a blown Cobra. It's fun for about 30 minutes. It's plain awful for any trip over 2 hours, the trunk is pretty much non-functional, the back seat is non-functional and the ride wears you out after 100 miles.

I've driven my Challenger for 14 hours with no issues. In July we are going to throw two weeks worth of clothes in the trunk and head off for Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakota's, then down through Nebraska.

Just no comparison to me between those other two cars and the Challenger. But always fun to watch these, 'it's all about speed' threads.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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