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Hi, new person here but been reading this forum for about a year now. This forum is a great tool in researching many different setups. I finally have come to a decision with the help of Josh over at HHP.
Josh put together this build for me. I believe this should fit my needs nicely. Old school muscle car rumble and lot of get up and go to hopefully achieve 11's 1/4 passes. The great thing is that he has an installer here in Florida only about 3 hours from Tampa, Fl.

HHP426SBSS HHP/BES Sport Series 426 SRT-8 HEMI Stroker Short Block HHP426SBSS
[Select Compression Ratio:Standard Compression Pistons (10.3 to 11.0)]
[Select Strengthening Options:Base Motor Upgrade Package Selected]
[Select Piston Coatings:Standard Manufacturing (Uncoated)]
[Select Bearing Coatings:Standard Manufacturing (Uncoated)]
[Required Core Charges for Strokers:Installation by HHP (DE/SC/KS)] 1 $4,295.00

HHPNASTCM HHP/BES Stage 4 Naturally Aspirated Stroker Custom High-Lift Camshaft: 392ci & 426ci SRT-8 HHPNASTCM
1 $449.95
HHP-61PPHI HHP/BES CNC Ported & Polished Race-Grade Cylinder Heads (& Optional Intake Manifold): All 6.1L SRT-8 HHP-61PPHI
[6.1L Head Package Core Charge:Installation at HHP or One of Our Installers]
[6.1L Head Package Stage Options:Stage 2 Heads and Intake] 1 $2,945.00

BLTS-GSKT HEMI Head Bolts & Head Gasket Set BLTS-GSKT
[Engine Size:6.1L] 1 $100.00

0280158060 Bosch 400 cc/min, 38 lbs/hr @ 3 Bar Fuel Injectors 8pc 0280158060
1 $499.00

MMHV87TB Modern Muscle CNC Ported 87mm High Velocity Throttle Body,5.7L, 6.1L & 392 HEMI Engines MMHV87TB
[Please Select TB Core Option:purchase New Throttle Body (No Change In Price)] 1 $449.00

26610 Manley Perfomance SRT-8 HEMI 5/16" Pushrod Set 26610
1 $139.00

54-10712 AFE Stage 2 Cold Air Intake System 2005-2010 5.7L/6.1L Charger/Challenger/Magnum/300C 54-10712 & 51-10712
[Select One...:54-10712 Pro 5R (Blue Filter)] 1 $275.00

6905 Kooks SRT-8 Full Length Stainless Steel Custom Headers, 2006-2011 6.1L & 392 HEMI Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum & Chrysler 300C - 6905
[Converter Type:(OC) Add Kooks Off Road Mid Pipes]
[Header Coating:Add Jet Hot Sterling Ceramic Header Coating] 1 $1,700.00

D31012 SLP "Loud Mouth II" (modular) Cat-Back Exhaust System, 2008-09 SRT-8 Challenger D31012
1 $849.95

U7135 DiabloSport Predator Tuner for 5.7L & 6.1L Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep HEMI Vehicles U7135
[Add Interface Kit:Diablo U7778 Interface Kit]
[Add Thermostat:180 degree thermostat] 1 $353.95

SD80PT Spec P-Trim 1395 Torque Capacity 2-Disc Mini Twin Clutch, 2009-2010 5.7L & 6.1L 6spd HEMI Challenger SD80PT
1 $1,529.99

Shipping Cost: $598.73
Grand Total: $14,184.00

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Looks like a nice package. I just got my 426 back from HHP/BES and have been very happy, I'm sure you will be as well. Good luck on the build and keep the updates coming. You will be done in no time.

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Congratulations on the build, hope it all goes smoothly for you

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congrats TheMadSRT8, you will definitely enjoy the new car, power and character, a good allround street road and track machine. I picked up the same pkg last mar. at HHP Carolina. Good group. enjoy it's only money......but your soul will appreciate it....stay thirsty my friend.

just noticed the date, kekerist so how bout it....yes?

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ThemadSRT8 you pull the trigger yet ? Looks great, Bad azz. Is it in and you been on the drums yet ?\
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