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Professionally Built by Arrington Racing
in MartinsvilleVa.

Orange426 SC 2009 Challenger SRT-8

Car only has 1300 miles on it and 1000 on the whole set up. The car makes over 675 rwhp and over 750 rwtq all on pump gas. (Again this is to the rear wheels) The car make at least 20% or more at the motor, which should put the car well in the 750 hp or more and over 825 pounds of torque or more. Car has all options except for navigation and Sunroof. The car is in mint condition and still smells new. I have well over 50k invested into the car. The car will run easily 10's at over 130mph the way it sits on street tires. Car has never been in any accident or painted.
426 HEMI Long Block

Performance Parts
  • HEMI 6.1 Block
  • K-1 Pistons, Steel Rods, Steel Crank, Reluctor
  • Comp Cam Pushrods
  • Custom made Arrington Super Charger Camshaft
  • Other HEMI Performance Parts
  • ARP Bolt
  • Manley Double Roller Timing Chine
  • ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer for 6.1 Hemi
  • Fore Precision Works HEMI Billet Fuel Rails
  • American Racing Long Tube Headers
Precision Labor
  • CNC Ported Cylinder Heads stage 5
  • NASCAR-finished Block and Mains
  • Engine and Cylinder Head Assembly
Harp Bullet Super Charger
  • Bullet supercharger kit, TVS 2300 Supercharger, satin finish w/integral liquid to air intercooler 9 psi Custom heat exchanger with coolant pumps, reservoir, lines, Electric Water pump and hardware Properly sized fuel injectors Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump fuel pump voltage booster, 180 degree thermostat, Billet aluminum tensioner pulley assembly RDP high flow air intake with K&N filter
HEMI Performance Transmission NAG 1 (722.6) High Torque Blueprinted and Built By Southern Hot Rod
  • This is the HEMI Transmission you need if you are putting down a lot of power. In addition to lowering your ET, your HEMI will accelerate faster, hook up better, and drive smoother.
  • It can power 1,000+ HP cars.
Hemi Torque Converter

This is the Hemi 2800 Stall Torque Converter you need if you are putting down a lot of power.
It can power 1,000+ HP cars.

HEMI Unlimited HP Axle and Hub Assemblies
  • HEMI 1,400 Horsepower Axle Sets

·Bump steer Kit by Razors Edge
·Eibach Pro Street Kit Adjustable Coil Overs
·Matrix Sub frame Connector Braces by Razors Edge
·4 point Rear Strut Tower Brace by Razors Edge
·Strut Bar / Strut Tower Bar By Richard Petty
·HotchkisSway Bars

Would consider partial trade on a 300 SRT-8 2006 and up stock with very low miles.
Please let me know.


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CR is 8:5
Yes I do have a time slip.

$65,000.00 is the asking price. It did $58,000.00 on ebay a month ago.

Stock exhaust. I didn't want the car to be to loud and its still loud when you get on it.

Couple questions.
What CR is the engine.
Do you have a time slip, or have you ran it on the track.
What is the asking price.
What exhaust is on the car.

Thank you, looks like a nice car.
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