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RPI Designs is excited to announce that we are teaming up with Hooked On Driving Northeast Division for their June 20th Track day event held at New Jersey Motorsports Lightning Circuit. They have offered our customer’s to use this coupon code RPI DESIGNS to receive $50.00 off the $325.00 for the day event. At the event RPI Designs will be offering 15% coupons towards a future purchase of any RPI Designs manufactured product, a drawing for a $200.00 gift certificate from RPI Designs towards anything that we offer and a drawing for Adam’s car care cleaning supplies and other give aways.

If you have never been to a track event let me take a moment to explain to you what you have been missing, If you have then you can skip over this and go to the bottom :) Have you ever wanted to drive you car flat out and see what it was capable off but afraid of getting a ticket. Have you ever been at a drag strip where you have waited in line for an hour and all you get is a 12 or 13 second pass of adrenaline for a ¼ of a mile. Well here is your chance to test your driving skills and your car’s performance at one of the nicest track facilities in the Northeast. And best of all it is being organized and run by Hooked on Driving. I have been running in track events or HPDE (High Performance Driving Events) since 1991 and Hooked on Driving is by far the nicest, well organized and down to earth organization I have ever run with. There is no pressure, they want you to have fun and they have plenty of people there to make sure you will. They also will make sure you will comfortable driving your car if you have never been to a track event with their qualified instructors.

So if you have ever thought about taking your car to a race track then here is the chance, please take a moment to check out their website. High Performance Driving Schools, Lessons, Driving Experience, HPDE, Professional Driving School, and here is the link to their schedule in the Northeast High Performance Driving Events, HPDE, Hooked On Driving - Event Listing You can also check out the website for the New Jersey Motorsports track here Millville, NJ is the home of New Jersey Motorsports Park. it will be held on the Lightning circuit which you can see that track here. This is a great track for a novice driver to learn on and an awesome track for the expert to see how fast you can push your car. Here is a video of my car at last year’s Hooked on Driving event on the lightning circuit 1964 Pontiac GTO Road Race Car at New Jersey Motorsports Lightning Circuit 2013 - YouTube[/url] as you can see there is plenty of space to run and there is no overcrowding of cars like you get at some events.

To register for the event click here High Performance Driving Schools, Lessons, Driving Experience, HPDE, Professional Driving School and don’t forget to use coupon code RPI DESIGNS . Please type in coupon code in comment section during checkout and you will be refunded the $50.00 :) If you have any questions you can reach me at [email protected] or 888-257-8515 ext 2. If you have any questions for Hooked on Driving you can reach them at [email protected]. We hope to see you there!!!!

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