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Ok so you’re all going to think I have mental issues but.... has anyone swapped out the factory 5 lug x 144.3 to a 6 lug 114.3.

I have a 2012 Srt8 Challenger.
Stroked to 427, Apache heads, KB 3.6LC, DSS 9” conversion and a bunch of other stuff. Once I get it to run right (having some tuning issues) I’ll be doing a direct injection meth system from alky controls. Right now Making a little over 1k @ the wheels.

I have a set of 08 viper wheels and tires I’m want to put on my car. Before you say it, I know the rears won’t fit as is. I’m bringing car to chassis shop that did my cage. I’m going to cut until they do fit.

What I’m trying to find out is, if I buy a set of viper wheel hubs, will they bolt up to my spindle knuckles. I will get Someone to make me half shaft stubs with the correct spline if they’re different. I think factory spline on the 08 viper was 28? Or am I going to be machining my own custom wheel hubs...

Any input would be greatly appreciated
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