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I know this has been discussed before but I wanted to know what people thought about my specific car.
I just bought a 73 challenger. Its in rough shape and missing pretty much every thing. I got a couple questions I wanted to see what people thought before I decide which route I want to take. A little bit about the car, black non vinyl top with white interior. It has the Rallye package, came with a 340 auto torque flite console shift. It has a lot of options on it, the fender tag I listed them below. But what I was wanting to know is if the color combination was it common or was black /white interior harder to find or any of these options. This will help me decide on if I want to dig more into dropping a new 5.7 hemi in it or finding a 340 and trans to go back in it. Or maybe do a EFI carb setup. I know it takes time and work to convert it over but I am not in a big hurry to get it done. I was thinking about the fuel injection to get better gas millage and not any problems in the winter mainly, also I can drive it a lot more. It has no motor/trans or wiring so I would use the wiring and ecu from the donor car. But if it is a hard to find car with all these options I would like to go back original. Just wanted other peoples thoughts.

Code Description
E55 340-4 Barrel 69-73
D34 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
J = Dodge Challenger
H = High
23 = 2 Door Hardtop
H = 340 240HP(net) 1-4BBL 8 CYL
3 = 1973
B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA
Paint Code: Black / Black Velvet
Trim Grade/Style/Color
A = A Class
6 = Vinyl Bucket Seats
X = Black
000 Upper Door Frame: Full Door Panel
927 Date Built: 9 / 27 / 1972
10164 Order Number: 10164
TX9 Roof Type OR Color: Black / Black Velvet
U Built to Specifications for USA Order
B41 Front Disc Brakes Some Yrs. Power
C16 Console w/ Buckets
C56 Bucket Seats 1972 up
H51 Single Air /w Heater
J54 Hood Insulating Pad
M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M08 Simulated Door / Fender Louvers
J52 Inside Hood Release
A37 Taxi Package
N41 Duel Exhaust w/o Tips
N42 Chrome Duel Exhaust Tips
N85 Tachometer
R35 AM / FM Multiplex Stereo
V6X Black Longitude Sports Stripe
26 26 in. Radiator
EN2 End of Codes Assembly Line 2

One other question is if this is a black car the rallye decal would have been red correct or was there more options or a code i can look at?

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I know this has been discussed before but I wanted to know what people thought about my specific car.
One other question is if this is a black car the rallye would have been red correct? But what about the V6X Black Longitude Sports Strip? They put that on a black car?
Congratulations on getting a new project car. Sorry to say, you will never really know how common or rare the option combinations were back then. They didn't keep great records. By 1973, the cars weren't selling as well and the options were fewer than the earlier years. I'm not sure what makes you think it was a special order car, and I don't know what you mean "if this is a black car the rallye would have been red correct?". A simple answer for you is do what you want with the car that makes you happy when you are all finished. Not that 1973 isn't a great car, but it's not a valuable car. If you are missing the original motor and trans, it will never be numbers matching so go have fun with a custom build.

The A6XW interior was a vinyl material, white seat inserts, white bolster, black carpet, black shelf and instrument panels, black steering wheel, white headlining and door panels. The flat black V6X body stripe tape was available on any exterior paint color. Flat black stripe on a gloss black body was possible.

If you have the money, time, and ability, I vote you find any size motor you want (either modern or old school whatever), add some modern brakes, steering, suspension, tranny, go nuts, have fun, drive the daylights out of it, and don't worry about it being rare/collectible/valuable whatever. Make it your own. You know they make fuel injection carburetors that look old school but work like modern fuel injection. Put it on an old school type motor and get modern performance with an original look.

Check out this website: The 1970 Hamtramck Registry Home Page go to the LIBRARY page to see option books from 1973, read up on other pages and the links from there to see some of the historical stuff. And don't for get Classic Industries for ordering new parts. They have most everything you need. Please post pictures of the project as you go along and keep asking questions. Have fun!!!

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Thanks for the info, I will go back and fix the rallye question I had. I was asking about the decals down the side on a black car was the only option red? And I was looking into the efi carbs. cheapest i found was about 2500 if anyone know where to find any cheaper please let me know this maybe the option i go with.
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