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model name designates NM torque limit

Guys, its actually fairly simply

8HP90 = 900 NM Maximum Torque input
8HP70 = 700 NM Maximum Torque input
8HP45 = 450 NM Maximum Torque input.

8HP45 is the standard 8 speed in FWD applications (and some AWD)
8HP70 is the standard 8 speed in RWD (and some AWD) applications for FCA
8HP90 is the standard 8 speed in RWD and AWD Hellcat applications.

That being said, the 8HP70 in my 2014 RAM 1500 likes boost, but seems it couldn't hold the increased torque, and is most likely going to need to be replaced. Major clunking when downshifting 3 - 2. I am hoping its the torque converter, but as there is no aftermarket replacements, the only likely upgrade is an 8HP90 swap.

Time to research if its a direct bolt in.
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