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I realize none of this is probably of interest to the majority here... But I have a Stone White painted 2010 Challenger SE fuel door, (I replaced it with the chrome RT one)... A stock base-model 2010 SE radio, (I can provide exact details.. but it's the bottom-level one, just a radio/CD player, nothing fancy).... And finally, a full set of stock 2010 SE cloth seat covers, (Suprisingly... these too came from my 2010 Challenger SE... that I no longer own). I think they're all gray... So these are too :) They were replaced with RT leathers basically as soon as I got the car, so they are/were nearly new when they went in the box. These would be great for someone with an SE or RT with cloth interior that's maybe a bit worn? I'd keep them for replacements for my 2011 RT, but I am told that they won't fit.
Also, I had a cold air intake added, so I have the original in a box.... Let me know if you have interest in any of this... I don't have prices in mind, I guess make me a reasonable offer and I can reduce the clutter in my garage. Just a shame to have all this sitting around for a car I don't own anymore.
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