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A weird thing about leaving TC on...

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Anybody notice that on a wet pavement day, it will actually allow quite a bit of wheel slippage (provided it is both wheel slipping nearly identically, rather than one going off by itself)? It's like TC isn't even there. Weird, eh? Is that some sort of refinement so you don't get stuck in a snow bog?

I know that if you have one wheel slipping, the TC clamps down like a Nazi to arrest it before it even has a chance to present a "problem". I always just thought it weird that it allows such liberal play as long as both wheels are slipping. Maybe that is coming into play for favorable times when launching on a prepped dragstrip with TC on? It allows some wheel slippage to ease out of a bog, as long as both tires happen to be slipping? Previously, I had thought that TC arrests any/all wheel slippage that doesn't check-out with the front tire motion, but if that is not the case, maybe TC isn't as inhibiting for drag-use as typically anticipated?
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The ESP/TC software has gotten a TON better in the past few years. My 07 SRT8 Charger would not let me do a damn thing. If it started to spin you were shut down for a few seconds before it would even start to apply throttle again. On my 2010's it works better but if you really hit it hard from a dead stop it will shut down HARD even if both tires start to spin even.
I'm not really complaining, of course. I just thought it was an interesting idiosyncrasy. ;)
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