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AAA compared 5 synthetic motor oils to 5 conventional ones. As expected, it confirmed that synthetic engine oils performed an average of 47% better than conventional oils in a variety of industry-standard tests (see below). With its superior resistance to deterioration, AAA’s findings indicate that synthetic oil is particularly beneficial to newer vehicles with turbo-charged engines and for vehicles that frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, tow heavy loads or operate in extreme hot or cold conditions.

The highly technical report provides the results of the following 7 tests:

ASTM D6278 Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability Test & ASTM D4683 High Temperature/High Shear Viscosity
ASTM D7097 Moderately High Temperature Piston Deposits by Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation
ASTM D6335 High Temperature Deposits by Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation
ASTM D5800 Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Oils
ASTM D5133 Low Temperature, Low Shear Rate Viscosity/Temperature Dependence
ASTM D4742 Oxidation Stability by Thin-Film Oxygen Uptake
ASTM D7528 Bench Oxidation by Romaszewski Oil Bench Oxidation

The complete research report can be found at:

AAA Spills the Truth on Oil Changes | AAA NewsRoom (Click on "Additional Resources")
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