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Over the past six months I learned a lot about adjusting these AAD Performance products - the rear components and the front upper control arms. I decided to write up what I was learning for my own reference purposes, also thinking it would be appreciated by anyone who ever buys my car. I wound up adding specific DIY alignment value/tab prediction change examples for street, drag strip and road course tuning. As I was fleshing the information out I thought why not share it? I realize my effort here could be seen as presumptuous given my novice mechanic skills. Then again, the whole point of explaining what these parts are and how they work really is that novice mechanics can do at home suspension adjustments and shouldn't be afraid they can't.

I've entitled my free PDF file "AAD Performance Adjustable Suspension Parts Overview - 03/13/2021". Any future revisions will have the same title and a later date.

Parker Bender at AAD didn't object to the idea of me sharing what I've learned so I'm forging ahead. It is important to me that people understand any errors, omissions, or loss of useful consciousness wading through it are my responsibility. AAD Performance has not officially reviewed, or approved, of what I'm putting out about their products or how to adjust them. Also, the very first thing I say is, "Use the following information at your own risk". That is the way of the world these days. On the other hand I didn't just make the information up and I feel confident in everything I've learned - with the exception of the section "Experimental Changing Camber and Caster Simultaneously, Changing Caster Alone", where I need more personal real world experience and/or verification data from AAD.

For people like me new to suspension concepts and parts I've included basic handling concepts and part descriptions. I'm intentionally redundant in the various sections so people don't have to jump back and forth to refresh concepts or terminology. As a result it wound up a 26 page PDF document (with some graphics and pictures in my defense). Here is the list of sections.

Suspension Concepts and Terms
AAD Suspension Parts and Terminology
The AAD “Tab-Lock” Adjustable Arm System Big Picture
Available AAD Tabs - Specifically How to Identify Them
The “Real Time” Align After Part Installation
DIY - How to Choose Tabs to Change Alignment Values After a Baseline Shoot
The Rules - Alignment Effects Per Millimeter of Tab Change
DIY Examples to Change Alignment Values With Tabs
Experimental Changing Camber and Caster Simultaneously, Changing Caster Alone

Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll send you the PDF. Free, no strings attached, and I won't share your email. I'm offering this via email rather than uploading it onto the forum (for download) so I can keep a record of who received it and be able to send out revisions and updates. Feel free to share my email, rather than just pass the PDF around, so other interested people can contact me to be added to a revision list.

And, of course, if you check out the Overview and then decide you don't need/want any future revisions just send me an email saying so.


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