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I had a breaking issue a few weeks ago, just had a local brake shop replace the Master Cylinder, ABS Actuator (pump), Rubber Brake lines all 4 corners and the Calipers.

They are having a hell of a time for the past day bleeding the system as they keep getting air. They tried giving me the car back at the end of the day since they thought they got it all out but the brake pedal traveled a couple of inches from the floor once I was about 1/2 mile away. 馃檮

Their saying they will have to call someone with the proper scan tool to do an ABS Initialization. They are able to cycle the ABS Pump. I'm not certain the Initialization is gonna do the trick

(currently the check engine light and abs light are on as well).

Does this sound legit?

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I used a OBDLink MX ($80) & the AlfaOBD app ($50) to activate the ABS Bleed procedure a couple months back. I just followed the onscreen instructions and popped the RF & RR bleeder valves when told. ABS Initialization was indeed another option.

There's also a Foxwell Tool scanner ($150) that can do it too. I'm sure there's even more options out there but that's what I came across and focused on in my research.
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