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I splashed through some standing water on the way to work after a big rain storm. Later that day I got an engine light. Next day I went to Auto parts store and bought an Actron CP9600 OBDII port reader/scanner that links to your smart phone via blue tooth.

App store u-scan downloaded free.
Add your vin to U-scan and save (no specific model, make, year info avail to select for 2017 models).
The vin tells it what year car it is.

You open blue tooth setting on phone and pair it. Then it took a few minutes to update firmware on the action reader.

Start you car, open blue tooth settings, you see 2 devices, the reader, and your vin shows as a second device. select them and once connected, open U scan app.

It allows you to get codes (even if check light has went off) OEM codes will not tell you the code meaning. I had a P1622 code and googled it to find what it was (Emissions sys/O2 sensor high voltage). It does tell you it is an emissions system problem.

Guessing it was from being doused when I hit the big water hole.

The U scan has the ability to clear the code.
Has real time live monitoring. Graphs for individual sensors and can take snapshots.

Works decent to find whats going on when you get engine light without having to go to dealer to check.
$99 and there are some upgrades to add specific features that I have not looked into yet.

Noticed it tells you things like fuel tank % which is handy if you have a fuel gauge failure, you would know its the gauge and not the sending unit.

Thought this info might be handy to anyone wanting a simple way to check things without carrying around a scanner. Just pull out your phone.


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