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Added spoiler lip to stock spoiler

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I had some smoked plex laying around so I decided to add a lip to my stock spoiler. I ordered the standard spoiler on my 2019 ScatPack Widebody instead of the bigger laid back, performance spoiler. I prefer taller spoilers but I might have gone with that one if they had better pictures of it when I ordered the car. I started by cutting out a 6" wide section of the plastic sheet. After I was done I discovered that the curve in the spoiler was a lot more then I thought and I am not thrilled at how the lip is flat on top and does not match the curve. I will probably use the original piece as a template to make a taller version with a matching top arch.
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Here is version 2 with a curved top to more closely match the curve of the factory spoiler. It's an average 2 3/4" taller then the stock spoiler. The center hole id still too small and leaves a ring around the camera so I will have to modify it a little more.
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