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Almost simpler that the gauge face install. Great instructions with Pictures included.

It's actually not this bright. The camera made them look much brighter. I put my led's at about 50%.

Here's the kit!

Great instructions!

Simple slide the LED's (white pieces) over the existing needle posts.

Pick a screw to attached the ground, and put the clip on the orange/grey wire and you are good to go.


Lights on in the garage...

Outside, lights on...

Outside out of the direct sunlight, lights on....


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Good call on the Black Cat Customs lighted needles - it makes the gauge face swap complete.

I had black gauges, white needles with red lighting. White = lights off, Red = lights on.

Did a friends R/T in red gauges, white needles with red lighting. Similar scheme to above.

With the '15 refresh, they got it right when the gauge design was redone, and lighted needles.
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